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1:03 PM There’s a piece of you in everything I write. There you are now, leaning against the “t”, smiling at me. Sometimes you hide behind the period or try to kick the comma one space over. Oh, there you go, squeezing your curvy body through the loopy “o”. 2:10 PM Wise words from Jean [...]


9:56 PM We each have a purpose. Mine I suppose is to watch and record. Yours is to be, to do, to wear down the world with consumption creation excretion. I consume little, but to be fair, I contribute little also, and while individually you haven’t changed the world, the ilk of you each carry [...]


Not a bone of poetry in you. Not a sliver of wisdom, an ounce of introspective matter. But you are what you are; you are what you are to me, still. I do what I do all day, for what? For this? Lay your judgment on me, once and for all. Rain on me today [...]


What’s life without color? Not color the unfortunate blind cannot see, but the color gifted upon each human mind to fill the imagination for the future and memory for the past. Memory carries in it the imagination to build castles and shanties around events we walked through (sometimes with our eyes and minds closed). Color [...]


I’m on the rim of the cup of the thought of you. It started with an emptiness that felt heavenly – warm, ready to receive. Slowly the cup filled with your presence and knowledge. Then suddenly, like all else good that must end, the cup reached its limit. Now I find myself on its rim, [...]

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