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The power of the internet

Exhibit A

Almost two years ago I did some web development work for an individual. He sounded like a nice man over the phone, and I was young(er) and naive, so I went ahead and did the work without any payment up front.

After the work was done he didn’t pay me. I sent him an invoice, called him many times over the period of a month, and never heard from him or received payment.

Exhibit B

I decided to publish a cautionary post on my web-development blog (see here). I was not expecting to ever hear from him again, and I decided to not pursue the matter beyond this measure.

In what I wrote, I did not embellish and I did not tell a single lie.

Exhibit C

Fast forward almost two years, searching for this individual’s current company name on Google returns the following results:


The results are similar searching for his old company name and his own name.

Exhibit D

I received an e-mail from this individual offering to pay me the money he owes in exchange for removing my post. His tone is not exactly apologetic; he is claiming my blog post is libelous.

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