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Name: Pranshu Arya E-mail me

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Camera: Nikon D300 DSLR (see here), Olympus SP-350 P&S

My take on the current state of photography.  Here are blurbs I've written on photography in general on my main site.


About this site

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I think, now that everyone and their mother - and this includes me - is using some derivative of Photoshop and its ilk (Photoshop Elements, Picasa, Paint Shop Pro, etc.) to process and enhance their photos, that the emphasis in the photographic process goes to the first two steps, especially the first one:


The composition of a frame is something you can’t alter (at least not dramatically and/or realistically) no matter how much technology you use.  If a photo is of a tiger from behind running off into its den, you can’t (again, realistically) change it in the development stage to be that of a tiger from the side running through a shallow stream.

With the advent of digital photography and the ease with which photos can now be enhanced and altered, the most artistic stage of the creative process, I think, reverts back to the very first stage: what you see with your eye and how you frame and capture it.  After that you can process it all you want but the basic picture remains the same.

This site is powered by PixelPost with the Pixelfy template (modified to accomodate addons used).  It wasn't my intention to have a browser of preference, but seeing that by default the site plays better with Firefox than it does with Internet Explorer (which I personally use with Maxthon), I have to say that the site will be focused on being optimized for Firefox and other IE alternatives.  To that end, you'll find a Browse Happy link in the footer of every page.

I am using the following PixelPost addons:

GoogleMap This is a newer implementation of the JBG Map addon, which I've found to be the best map addon in terms of simplicity and usability (including the ones I've used for WordPress).
Ajax Photo Ratings So viewers can rate the photos they see. [Disabled for now.]
Custom Fields This allows me to add the Where, when, and adjustments data I have published with each photo.
Tag Organizer I'm still not sure whether I want to tag photos (Categories might be enough I think), but if I decide to, this will help me a lot.
DBManager Everyone should have a database backup addon.
Multiphoto This allows for the multi-photo frontpage on the website.  It requires this additional addon to change the default frontpage.  [Disabled because I'm using a static-image startpage.]
Update to EXIF Date/time Self-explanatory I think
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Export Doesn't work as it should, but still allows me to export one photo at a time to the blog, with EXIF and tags!
Related pictures What it says. I really like the Javascript overlay effect it comes with built-in. [Temporarily disabled because enabling overlib messes up formatting in IE.  It works fine in Firefox and Opera.]


The series pages are simply Lightroom web gallery exports. I will eventually modify or replace these to fit within the Pixelfy template.

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