Pranshu Arya - web developer

Pranshu Arya web developer/web designer

About me

I am a Boulder, CO-based web designer/developer, and this is my portfolio site. This website is perpetually under construction, because along with being a space to show my portfolio of websites I have worked on, it is a live showcase of my experimentation with features such as AJAX and seamless PHP/MySQL-integration.

You can contact me by e-mail or via this form. My resume can be viewed here, and my personal site can be seen here.

About this site

I designed and developed this site from scratch. It is CSS-based XHTML markup. The portfolio front-end is hand-coded in jQuery, with the data generated dynamically from a database via a PHP file. The data is pulled from the database into an XML file where jQuery helps render it into what you see. My goal was to have it be simple, functional, and most importantly, easily expandable.

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